Concatenating text objects with different properties#

The example strings together several Text objects with different properties (e.g., color or font), positioning each one after the other. The first Text is created directly using text; all subsequent ones are created with annotate, which allows positioning the Text's lower left corner at the lower right corner (xy=(1, 0)) of the previous one (xycoords=text).

rainbow text
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

plt.rcParams["font.size"] = 20
ax = plt.figure().add_subplot(xticks=[], yticks=[])

# The first word, created with text().
text = ax.text(.1, .5, "Matplotlib", color="red")
# Subsequent words, positioned with annotate(), relative to the preceding one.
text = ax.annotate(
    " says,", xycoords=text, xy=(1, 0), verticalalignment="bottom",
    color="gold", weight="bold")  # custom properties
text = ax.annotate(
    " hello", xycoords=text, xy=(1, 0), verticalalignment="bottom",
    color="green", style="italic")  # custom properties
text = ax.annotate(
    " world!", xycoords=text, xy=(1, 0), verticalalignment="bottom",
    color="blue", family="serif")  # custom properties

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