This module is considered internal.

Its use is deprecated and it will be removed in a future version.

class matplotlib._docstring.Substitution(*args, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: object

A decorator that performs %-substitution on an object's docstring.

This decorator should be robust even if obj.__doc__ is None (for example, if -OO was passed to the interpreter).

Usage: construct a docstring.Substitution with a sequence or dictionary suitable for performing substitution; then decorate a suitable function with the constructed object, e.g.:

sub_author_name = Substitution(author='Jason')

def some_function(x):
    "%(author)s wrote this function"

# note that some_function.__doc__ is now "Jason wrote this function"

One can also use positional arguments:

sub_first_last_names = Substitution('Edgar Allen', 'Poe')

def some_function(x):
    "%s %s wrote the Raven"
update(*args, **kwargs)[source]#

Update self.params (which must be a dict) with the supplied args.


Copy a docstring from another source function (if present).


Decorator for defining the kwdoc documentation of artist properties.

This decorator can be applied to artist property setter methods. The given text is stored in a private attribute _kwarg_doc on the method. It is used to overwrite auto-generated documentation in the kwdoc list for artists. The kwdoc list is used to document **kwargs when they are properties of an artist. See e.g. the **kwargs section in Axes.text.

The text should contain the supported types, as well as the default value if applicable, e.g.:

@_docstring.kwarg_doc("bool, default: rcParams["text.usetex"] (default: False)") def set_usetex(self, usetex):