Axes3D.plot_trisurf(*args, color=None, norm=None, vmin=None, vmax=None, lightsource=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Plot a triangulated surface.

The (optional) triangulation can be specified in one of two ways; either:

plot_trisurf(triangulation, ...)

where triangulation is a Triangulation object, or:

plot_trisurf(X, Y, ...)
plot_trisurf(X, Y, triangles, ...)
plot_trisurf(X, Y, triangles=triangles, ...)

in which case a Triangulation object will be created. See Triangulation for an explanation of these possibilities.

The remaining arguments are:

plot_trisurf(..., Z)

where Z is the array of values to contour, one per point in the triangulation.

X, Y, Zarray-like

Data values as 1D arrays.


Color of the surface patches.


A colormap for the surface patches.

normNormalize, optional

An instance of Normalize to map values to colors.

vmin, vmaxfloat, optional

Minimum and maximum value to map.

shadebool, default: True

Whether to shade the facecolors. Shading is always disabled when cmap is specified.

lightsourceLightSource, optional

The lightsource to use when shade is True.


All other keyword arguments are passed on to Poly3DCollection


(Source code, 2x.png, png)

(Source code, 2x.png, png)

Examples using mpl_toolkits.mplot3d.axes3d.Axes3D.plot_trisurf#

plot_trisurf(x, y, z)

plot_trisurf(x, y, z)