SubFigure.add_gridspec(nrows=1, ncols=1, **kwargs)[source]#

Low-level API for creating a GridSpec that has this figure as a parent.

This is a low-level API, allowing you to create a gridspec and subsequently add subplots based on the gridspec. Most users do not need that freedom and should use the higher-level methods subplots or subplot_mosaic.

nrowsint, default: 1

Number of rows in grid.

ncolsint, default: 1

Number of columns in grid.

Other Parameters:

Keyword arguments are passed to GridSpec.


Adding a subplot that spans two rows:

fig = plt.figure()
gs = fig.add_gridspec(2, 2)
ax1 = fig.add_subplot(gs[0, 0])
ax2 = fig.add_subplot(gs[1, 0])
# spans two rows:
ax3 = fig.add_subplot(gs[:, 1])