SubFigure.subfigures(nrows=1, ncols=1, squeeze=True, wspace=None, hspace=None, width_ratios=None, height_ratios=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Add a set of subfigures to this figure or subfigure.

A subfigure has the same artist methods as a figure, and is logically the same as a figure, but cannot print itself. See Figure subfigures.


The subfigure concept is new in v3.4, and the API is still provisional.

nrows, ncolsint, default: 1

Number of rows/columns of the subfigure grid.

squeezebool, default: True

If True, extra dimensions are squeezed out from the returned array of subfigures.

wspace, hspacefloat, default: None

The amount of width/height reserved for space between subfigures, expressed as a fraction of the average subfigure width/height. If not given, the values will be inferred from rcParams if using constrained layout (see ConstrainedLayoutEngine), or zero if not using a layout engine.

width_ratiosarray-like of length ncols, optional

Defines the relative widths of the columns. Each column gets a relative width of width_ratios[i] / sum(width_ratios). If not given, all columns will have the same width.

height_ratiosarray-like of length nrows, optional

Defines the relative heights of the rows. Each row gets a relative height of height_ratios[i] / sum(height_ratios). If not given, all rows will have the same height.