Axes.set_yticklabels(labels, *, fontdict=None, minor=False, **kwargs)[source]

Set the yaxis' labels with list of string labels.


This method should only be used after fixing the tick positions using Axes.set_yticks. Otherwise, the labels may end up in unexpected positions.

labelslist of str

The label texts.

fontdictdict, optional

A dictionary controlling the appearance of the ticklabels. The default fontdict is:

{'fontsize': rcParams['axes.titlesize'],
 'fontweight': rcParams['axes.titleweight'],
 'verticalalignment': 'baseline',
 'horizontalalignment': loc}
minorbool, default: False

Whether to set the minor ticklabels rather than the major ones.

list of Text

The labels.

Other Parameters
**kwargsText properties.

Examples using matplotlib.axes.Axes.set_yticklabels