Changes for 0.98.x#

  • psd(), csd(), and cohere() will now automatically wrap negative frequency components to the beginning of the returned arrays. This is much more sensible behavior and makes them consistent with specgram(). The previous behavior was more of an oversight than a design decision.

  • Added new keyword parameters nonposx, nonposy to matplotlib.axes.Axes methods that set log scale parameters. The default is still to mask out non-positive values, but the kwargs accept 'clip', which causes non-positive values to be replaced with a very small positive value.

  • Added new matplotlib.pyplot.fignum_exists() and matplotlib.pyplot.get_fignums(); they merely expose information that had been hidden in matplotlib._pylab_helpers.

  • Deprecated numerix package.

  • Added new matplotlib.image.imsave() and exposed it to the matplotlib.pyplot interface.

  • Remove support for pyExcelerator in exceltools -- use xlwt instead

  • Changed the defaults of acorr and xcorr to use usevlines=True, maxlags=10 and normed=True since these are the best defaults

  • Following keyword parameters for matplotlib.legend.Legend are now deprecated and new set of parameters are introduced. The new parameters are given as a fraction of the font-size. Also, scatteryoffsets, fancybox and columnspacing are added as keyword parameters.













  • Removed the configobj and experimental traits rc support

  • Modified matplotlib.mlab.psd(), matplotlib.mlab.csd(), matplotlib.mlab.cohere(), and matplotlib.mlab.specgram() to scale one-sided densities by a factor of 2. Also, optionally scale the densities by the sampling frequency, which gives true values of densities that can be integrated by the returned frequency values. This also gives better MATLAB compatibility. The corresponding matplotlib.axes.Axes methods and matplotlib.pyplot functions were updated as well.

  • Font lookup now uses a nearest-neighbor approach rather than an exact match. Some fonts may be different in plots, but should be closer to what was requested.

  • matplotlib.axes.Axes.set_xlim(), matplotlib.axes.Axes.set_ylim() now return a copy of the viewlim array to avoid modify-in-place surprises.

  • matplotlib.afm.AFM.get_fullname and matplotlib.afm.AFM.get_familyname no longer raise an exception if the AFM file does not specify these optional attributes, but returns a guess based on the required FontName attribute.

  • Changed precision kwarg in matplotlib.pyplot.spy(); default is 0, and the string value 'present' is used for sparse arrays only to show filled locations.

  • matplotlib.collections.EllipseCollection added.

  • Added angles kwarg to matplotlib.pyplot.quiver() for more flexible specification of the arrow angles.

  • Deprecated (raise NotImplementedError) all the mlab2 functions from matplotlib.mlab out of concern that some of them were not clean room implementations.

  • Methods matplotlib.collections.Collection.get_offsets() and matplotlib.collections.Collection.set_offsets() added to Collection base class.

  • matplotlib.figure.Figure.figurePatch renamed matplotlib.figure.Figure.patch; matplotlib.axes.Axes.axesPatch renamed matplotlib.axes.Axes.patch; matplotlib.axes.Axes.axesFrame renamed matplotlib.axes.Axes.frame. matplotlib.axes.Axes.get_frame, which returns matplotlib.axes.Axes.patch, is deprecated.

  • Changes in the matplotlib.contour.ContourLabeler attributes (matplotlib.pyplot.clabel() function) so that they all have a form like .labelAttribute. The three attributes that are most likely to be used by end users, .cl, .cl_xy and .cl_cvalues have been maintained for the moment (in addition to their renamed versions), but they are deprecated and will eventually be removed.

  • Moved several functions in matplotlib.mlab and matplotlib.cbook into a separate module matplotlib.numerical_methods because they were unrelated to the initial purpose of mlab or cbook and appeared more coherent elsewhere.