Changes for 0.87.7#

Completely reworked the annotations API because I found the old
API cumbersome.  The new design is much more legible and easy to
read.  See matplotlib.text.Annotation and

markeredgecolor and markerfacecolor cannot be configured in
matplotlibrc any more. Instead, markers are generally colored
automatically based on the color of the line, unless marker colors
are explicitly set as kwargs - NN

Changed default comment character for load to '#' - JDH

math_parse_s_ft2font_svg from & now returns
width, height, svg_elements. svg_elements is an instance of Bunch ( and has the attributes svg_glyphs and svg_lines, which are both

Renderer.draw_arc now takes an additional parameter, rotation.
It specifies to draw the artist rotated in degrees anti-
clockwise.  It was added for rotated ellipses.

Renamed Figure.set_figsize_inches to Figure.set_size_inches to
better match the get method, Figure.get_size_inches.

Removed the copy_bbox_transform from; added
shallowcopy methods to all transforms.  All transforms already
had deepcopy methods.

FigureManager.resize(width, height): resize the window
specified in pixels

barh: x and y args have been renamed to width and bottom
respectively, and their order has been swapped to maintain
a (position, value) order.

bar and barh: now accept kwarg 'edgecolor'.

bar and barh: The left, height, width and bottom args can
now all be scalars or sequences; see docstring.

barh: now defaults to edge aligned instead of center
aligned bars

bar, barh and hist: Added a keyword arg 'align' that
controls between edge or center bar alignment.

Collections: PolyCollection and LineCollection now accept
vertices or segments either in the original form [(x,y),
(x,y), ...] or as a 2D numerix array, with X as the first column
and Y as the second. Contour and quiver output the numerix
form.  The transforms methods Bbox.update() and
Transformation.seq_xy_tups() now accept either form.

Collections: LineCollection is now a ScalarMappable like
PolyCollection, etc.

Specifying a grayscale color as a float is deprecated; use
a string instead, e.g., 0.75 -> '0.75'.

Collections: initializers now accept any mpl color arg, or
sequence of such args; previously only a sequence of rgba
tuples was accepted.

Colorbar: completely new version and api; see docstring.  The
original version is still accessible as colorbar_classic, but
is deprecated.

Contourf: "extend" kwarg replaces "clip_ends"; see docstring.
Masked array support added to pcolormesh.

Modified aspect-ratio handling:
    Removed aspect kwarg from imshow
    Axes methods:
        set_aspect(self, aspect, adjustable=None, anchor=None)
        set_adjustable(self, adjustable)
        set_anchor(self, anchor)
    Pylab interface:

 Backend developers: ft2font's load_char now takes a flags
 argument, which you can OR together from the LOAD_XXX