Changes for 0.72#

- Line2D, Text, and Patch copy_properties renamed update_from and
  moved into artist base class

- LineCollections.color renamed to LineCollections.set_color for
  consistency with set/get introspection mechanism,

- pylab figure now defaults to num=None, which creates a new figure
  with a guaranteed unique number

- contour method syntax changed - now it is MATLAB compatible

    unchanged: contour(Z)
    old: contour(Z, x=Y, y=Y)
    new: contour(X, Y, Z)


 - Increased the default resolution for save command.

 - Renamed the base attribute of the ticker classes to _base to avoid conflict
   with the base method.  Sitt for subs

 - subs=none now does autosubbing in the tick locator.

 - New subplots that overlap old will delete the old axes.  If you
   do not want this behavior, use fig.add_subplot or the axes