API Changes in 2.0.1#

Extensions to matplotlib.backend_bases.GraphicsContextBase#

To better support controlling the color of hatches, the method matplotlib.backend_bases.GraphicsContextBase.set_hatch_color was added to the expected API of GraphicsContext classes. Calls to this method are currently wrapped with a try:...except Attribute: block to preserve back-compatibility with any third-party backends which do not extend GraphicsContextBase.

This value can be accessed in the backends via matplotlib.backend_bases.GraphicsContextBase.get_hatch_color (which was added in 2.0 see Extension to matplotlib.backend_bases.GraphicsContextBase) and should be used to color the hatches.

In the future there may also be hatch_linewidth and hatch_density related methods added. It is encouraged, but not required that third-party backends extend GraphicsContextBase to make adapting to these changes easier.

afm.get_fontconfig_fonts returns a list of paths and does not check for existence#

afm.get_fontconfig_fonts used to return a set of paths encoded as a {key: 1, ...} dict, and checked for the existence of the paths. It now returns a list and dropped the existence check, as the same check is performed by the caller (afm.findSystemFonts) as well.

bar now returns rectangles of negative height or width if the corresponding input is negative#

pyplot.bar used to normalize the coordinates of the rectangles that it created, to keep their height and width positives, even if the corresponding input was negative. This normalization has been removed to permit a simpler computation of the correct Artist.sticky_edges to use.

Do not clip line width when scaling dashes#

The algorithm to scale dashes was changed to no longer clip the scaling factor: the dash patterns now continue to shrink at thin line widths. If the line width is smaller than the effective pixel size, this may result in dashed lines turning into solid gray-ish lines. This also required slightly tweaking the default patterns for '--', ':', and '.-' so that with the default line width the final patterns would not change.

There is no way to restore the old behavior.

Deprecate 'Vega' colormaps#

The "Vega" colormaps are deprecated in Matplotlib 2.0.1 and will be removed in Matplotlib 2.2. Use the "tab" colormaps instead: "tab10", "tab20", "tab20b", "tab20c".