Changes for 0.86#

Matplotlib data is installed into the matplotlib module.
This is similar to package_data.  This should get rid of
having to check for many possibilities in _get_data_path().
The MATPLOTLIBDATA env key is still checked first to allow
for flexibility.

1) Separated the color table data from out into
a new file,, to make it easier to find the actual
code in and to add new colormaps. Everything
from is imported by, so the split should be
2) Enabled automatic generation of a colormap from
a list of colors in contour; see modified
3) Support for imshow of a masked array, with the
ability to specify colors (or no color at all) for
masked regions, and for regions that are above or
below the normally mapped region.  See
4) In support of the above, added two new classes,
ListedColormap, and no_norm, to, and modified
the Colormap class to include common functionality. Added
a clip kwarg to the normalize class.