Changes for 0.90.1#

The file has a (very limited and fragile) dvi reader
for usetex support. The API might change in the future so don't
depend on it yet.

Removed deprecated support for a float value as a gray-scale;
now it must be a string, like '0.5'.  Added alpha kwarg to

New method set_bounds(vmin, vmax) for formatters, locators sets
the viewInterval and dataInterval from floats.

Removed deprecated colorbar_classic.

Line2D.get_xdata and get_ydata valid_only=False kwarg is replaced
by orig=True.  When True, it returns the original data, otherwise
the processed data (masked, converted)

Some modifications to the units interface.
units.ConversionInterface.tickers renamed to
units.ConversionInterface.axisinfo and it now returns a
units.AxisInfo object rather than a tuple.  This will make it
easier to add axis info functionality (e.g., I added a default label
on this iteration) w/o having to change the tuple length and hence
the API of the client code every time new functionality is added.
Also, units.ConversionInterface.convert_to_value is now simply
named units.ConversionInterface.convert.

Axes.errorbar uses Axes.vlines and Axes.hlines to draw its error
limits int he vertical and horizontal direction.  As you'll see
in the changes below, these functions now return a LineCollection
rather than a list of lines.  The new return signature for
errorbar is  ylins, caplines, errorcollections where
errorcollections is a xerrcollection, yerrcollection

Axes.vlines and Axes.hlines now create and returns a LineCollection, not a list
of lines.  This is much faster.  The kwarg signature has changed,
so consult the docs

MaxNLocator accepts a new Boolean kwarg ('integer') to force
ticks to integer locations.

Commands that pass an argument to the Text constructor or to
Text.set_text() now accept any object that can be converted
with '%s'.  This affects xlabel(), title(), etc.

Barh now takes a **kwargs dict instead of most of the old
arguments. This helps ensure that bar and barh are kept in sync,
but as a side effect you can no longer pass e.g., color as a
positional argument.

ft2font.get_charmap() now returns a dict that maps character codes
to glyph indices (until now it was reversed)

Moved data files into lib/matplotlib so that setuptools' develop
mode works. Re-organized the mpl-data layout so that this source
structure is maintained in the installation. (i.e., the 'fonts' and
'images' sub-directories are maintained in site-packages.).
Suggest removing site-packages/matplotlib/mpl-data and
~/.matplotlib/ttffont.cache before installing