Changes for 0.90.0#

All artists now implement a "pick" method which users should not
call.  Rather, set the "picker" property of any artist you want to
pick on (the epsilon distance in points for a hit test) and
register with the "pick_event" callback.  See
examples/ for details

Bar, barh, and hist have "log" binary kwarg: log=True
sets the ordinate to a log scale.

Boxplot can handle a list of vectors instead of just
an array, so vectors can have different lengths.

Plot can handle 2-D x and/or y; it plots the columns.

Added linewidth kwarg to bar and barh.

Made the default Artist._transform None (rather than invoking
identity_transform for each artist only to have it overridden
later).  Use artist.get_transform() rather than artist._transform,
even in derived classes, so that the default transform will be
created lazily as needed

New LogNorm subclass of Normalize added to
All Normalize subclasses have new inverse() method, and
the __call__() method has a new clip kwarg.

Changed class names in to match convention:
normalize -> Normalize, no_norm -> NoNorm.  Old names
are still available for now.

Removed obsolete pcolor_classic command and method.

Removed lineprops and markerprops from the Annotation code and
replaced them with an arrow configurable with kwarg arrowprops.
See examples/ - JDH