This module is considered internal.

Its use is deprecated and it will be removed in a future version.

Helper module for the bbox_inches parameter in Figure.savefig.

matplotlib._tight_bbox.adjust_bbox(fig, bbox_inches, fixed_dpi=None)[source]#

Temporarily adjust the figure so that only the specified area (bbox_inches) is saved.

It modifies fig.bbox, fig.bbox_inches, fig.transFigure._boxout, and fig.patch. While the figure size changes, the scale of the original figure is conserved. A function which restores the original values are returned.

matplotlib._tight_bbox.process_figure_for_rasterizing(fig, bbox_inches_restore, fixed_dpi=None)[source]#

A function that needs to be called when figure dpi changes during the drawing (e.g., rasterizing). It recovers the bbox and re-adjust it with the new dpi.