Helper classes to adjust the positions of multiple axes at drawing time.


AxesDivider(axes[, xref, yref])

Divider based on the preexisting axes.

AxesLocator(axes_divider, nx, ny[, nx1, ny1])

A callable object which returns the position and size of a given AxesDivider cell.

Divider(fig, pos, horizontal, vertical[, ...])

An Axes positioning class.

HBoxDivider(fig, *args[, horizontal, ...])

A SubplotDivider for laying out axes horizontally, while ensuring that they have equal heights.

SubplotDivider(fig, *args[, horizontal, ...])

The Divider class whose rectangle area is specified as a subplot geometry.

VBoxDivider(fig, *args[, horizontal, ...])

A SubplotDivider for laying out axes vertically, while ensuring that they have equal widths.


make_axes_area_auto_adjustable(ax[, ...])

Add auto-adjustable padding around ax to take its decorations (title, labels, ticks, ticklabels) into account during layout, using Divider.add_auto_adjustable_area.