matplotlib.pyplot.thetagrids(angles=None, labels=None, fmt=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Get or set the theta gridlines on the current polar plot.

Call signatures:

lines, labels = thetagrids()
lines, labels = thetagrids(angles, labels=None, fmt=None, **kwargs)

When called with no arguments, thetagrids simply returns the tuple (lines, labels). When called with arguments, the labels will appear at the specified angles.

anglestuple with floats, degrees

The angles of the theta gridlines.

labelstuple with strings or None

The labels to use at each radial gridline. The projections.polar.ThetaFormatter will be used if None.

fmtstr or None

Format string used in matplotlib.ticker.FormatStrFormatter. For example '%f'. Note that the angle in radians will be used.

lineslist of lines.Line2D

The theta gridlines.

labelslist of text.Text

The tick labels.

Other Parameters:

kwargs are optional Text properties for the labels.


# set the locations of the angular gridlines
lines, labels = thetagrids(range(45, 360, 90))

# set the locations and labels of the angular gridlines
lines, labels = thetagrids(range(45, 360, 90), ('NE', 'NW', 'SW', 'SE'))