Axis.set_ticks(ticks, labels=None, *, minor=False, **kwargs)[source]#

Set this Axis' tick locations and optionally labels.

If necessary, the view limits of the Axis are expanded so that all given ticks are visible.

tickslist of floats

List of tick locations. The axis Locator is replaced by a FixedLocator.

Some tick formatters will not label arbitrary tick positions; e.g. log formatters only label decade ticks by default. In such a case you can set a formatter explicitly on the axis using Axis.set_major_formatter or provide formatted labels yourself.

labelslist of str, optional

List of tick labels. If not set, the labels are generated with the axis tick Formatter.

minorbool, default: False

If False, set the major ticks; if True, the minor ticks.


Text properties for the labels. These take effect only if you pass labels. In other cases, please use tick_params.


The mandatory expansion of the view limits is an intentional design choice to prevent the surprise of a non-visible tick. If you need other limits, you should set the limits explicitly after setting the ticks.

Examples using matplotlib.axis.Axis.set_ticks#

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