Axes.bxp(bxpstats, positions=None, widths=None, vert=True, patch_artist=False, shownotches=False, showmeans=False, showcaps=True, showbox=True, showfliers=True, boxprops=None, whiskerprops=None, flierprops=None, medianprops=None, capprops=None, meanprops=None, meanline=False, manage_ticks=True, zorder=None, capwidths=None)[source]#

Drawing function for box and whisker plots.

Make a box and whisker plot for each column of x or each vector in sequence x. The box extends from the lower to upper quartile values of the data, with a line at the median. The whiskers extend from the box to show the range of the data. Flier points are those past the end of the whiskers.

bxpstatslist of dicts

A list of dictionaries containing stats for each boxplot. Required keys are:

  • med: Median (scalar).

  • q1, q3: First & third quartiles (scalars).

  • whislo, whishi: Lower & upper whisker positions (scalars).

Optional keys are:

  • mean: Mean (scalar). Needed if showmeans=True.

  • fliers: Data beyond the whiskers (array-like). Needed if showfliers=True.

  • cilo, cihi: Lower & upper confidence intervals about the median. Needed if shownotches=True.

  • label: Name of the dataset (str). If available, this will be used a tick label for the boxplot

positionsarray-like, default: [1, 2, ..., n]

The positions of the boxes. The ticks and limits are automatically set to match the positions.

widthsfloat or array-like, default: None

The widths of the boxes. The default is clip(0.15*(distance between extreme positions), 0.15, 0.5).

capwidthsfloat or array-like, default: None

Either a scalar or a vector and sets the width of each cap. The default is 0.5*(with of the box), see widths.

vertbool, default: True

If True (default), makes the boxes vertical. If False, makes horizontal boxes.

patch_artistbool, default: False

If False produces boxes with the Line2D artist. If True produces boxes with the Patch artist.

shownotches, showmeans, showcaps, showbox, showfliersbool

Whether to draw the CI notches, the mean value (both default to False), the caps, the box, and the fliers (all three default to True).

boxprops, whiskerprops, capprops, flierprops, medianprops, meanpropsdict, optional

Artist properties for the boxes, whiskers, caps, fliers, medians, and means.

meanlinebool, default: False

If True (and showmeans is True), will try to render the mean as a line spanning the full width of the box according to meanprops. Not recommended if shownotches is also True. Otherwise, means will be shown as points.

manage_ticksbool, default: True

If True, the tick locations and labels will be adjusted to match the boxplot positions.

zorderfloat, default: Line2D.zorder = 2

The zorder of the resulting boxplot.


A dictionary mapping each component of the boxplot to a list of the Line2D instances created. That dictionary has the following keys (assuming vertical boxplots):

  • boxes: main bodies of the boxplot showing the quartiles, and the median's confidence intervals if enabled.

  • medians: horizontal lines at the median of each box.

  • whiskers: vertical lines up to the last non-outlier data.

  • caps: horizontal lines at the ends of the whiskers.

  • fliers: points representing data beyond the whiskers (fliers).

  • means: points or lines representing the means.


(Source code, png)