Axes.get_tightbbox(renderer=None, call_axes_locator=True, bbox_extra_artists=None, *, for_layout_only=False)[source]#

Return the tight bounding box of the Axes, including axis and their decorators (xlabel, title, etc).

Artists that have artist.set_in_layout(False) are not included in the bbox.

rendererRendererBase subclass

renderer that will be used to draw the figures (i.e. fig.canvas.get_renderer())

bbox_extra_artistslist of Artist or None

List of artists to include in the tight bounding box. If None (default), then all artist children of the Axes are included in the tight bounding box.

call_axes_locatorbool, default: True

If call_axes_locator is False, it does not call the _axes_locator attribute, which is necessary to get the correct bounding box. call_axes_locator=False can be used if the caller is only interested in the relative size of the tightbbox compared to the Axes bbox.

for_layout_onlydefault: False

The bounding box will not include the x-extent of the title and the xlabel, or the y-extent of the ylabel.


Bounding box in figure pixel coordinates.