Usetex Fonteffects#

This script demonstrates that font effects specified in your are now supported in usetex mode.

Usetex font effects
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def setfont(font):
    return rf'\font\a {font} at 14pt\a '

fig = plt.figure()
for y, font, text in zip(
    ['ptmr8r', 'ptmri8r', 'ptmro8r', 'ptmr8rn', 'ptmrr8re'],
    [f'Nimbus Roman No9 L {x}'
     for x in ['', 'Italics (real italics for comparison)',
               '(slanted)', '(condensed)', '(extended)']],
    fig.text(.1, 1 - (y + 1) / 6, setfont(font) + text, usetex=True)

fig.suptitle('Usetex font effects')
# Would also work if saving to pdf.

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