Axes3D.stem3D(x, y, z, *, linefmt='C0-', markerfmt='C0o', basefmt='C3-', bottom=0, label=None, orientation='z', data=None)[source]#

Create a 3D stem plot.

A stem plot draws lines perpendicular to a baseline, and places markers at the heads. By default, the baseline is defined by x and y, and stems are drawn vertically from bottom to z.

x, y, zarray-like

The positions of the heads of the stems. The stems are drawn along the orientation-direction from the baseline at bottom (in the orientation-coordinate) to the heads. By default, the x and y positions are used for the baseline and z for the head position, but this can be changed by orientation.

linefmtstr, default: 'C0-'

A string defining the properties of the vertical lines. Usually, this will be a color or a color and a linestyle:


Line Style


solid line


dashed line


dash-dot line


dotted line

Note: While it is technically possible to specify valid formats other than color or color and linestyle (e.g. 'rx' or '-.'), this is beyond the intention of the method and will most likely not result in a reasonable plot.

markerfmtstr, default: 'C0o'

A string defining the properties of the markers at the stem heads.

basefmtstr, default: 'C3-'

A format string defining the properties of the baseline.

bottomfloat, default: 0

The position of the baseline, in orientation-coordinates.

labelstr, default: None

The label to use for the stems in legends.

orientation{'x', 'y', 'z'}, default: 'z'

The direction along which stems are drawn.

dataindexable object, optional

If given, all parameters also accept a string s, which is interpreted as data[s] (unless this raises an exception).


The container may be treated like a tuple (markerline, stemlines, baseline)


(Source code, 2x.png, png)

(2x.png, png)

(2x.png, png)