matplotlib.pyplot.rc_context(rc=None, fname=None)[source]#

Return a context manager for temporarily changing rcParams.

The rcParams["backend"] will not be reset by the context manager.

rcParams changed both through the context manager invocation and in the body of the context will be reset on context exit.


The rcParams to temporarily set.

fnamestr or path-like

A file with Matplotlib rc settings. If both fname and rc are given, settings from rc take precedence.


Passing explicit values via a dict:

with mpl.rc_context({'interactive': False}):
    fig, ax = plt.subplots()
    ax.plot(range(3), range(3))

Loading settings from a file:

with mpl.rc_context(fname='print.rc'):
    plt.plot(x, y)  # uses 'print.rc'

Setting in the context body:

with mpl.rc_context():
    # will be reset
    mpl.rcParams['lines.linewidth'] = 5
    plt.plot(x, y)

Examples using matplotlib.pyplot.rc_context#

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Style sheets reference

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