Axes3D.set_box_aspect(aspect, *, zoom=1)[source]#

Set the Axes box aspect.

The box aspect is the ratio of height to width in display units for each face of the box when viewed perpendicular to that face. This is not to be confused with the data aspect (see set_aspect). The default ratios are 4:4:3 (x:y:z).

To simulate having equal aspect in data space, set the box aspect to match your data range in each dimension.

zoom controls the overall size of the Axes3D in the figure.

aspect3-tuple of floats or None

Changes the physical dimensions of the Axes3D, such that the ratio of the axis lengths in display units is x:y:z. If None, defaults to (4, 4, 3).

zoomfloat, default: 1

Control overall size of the Axes3D in the figure. Must be > 0.