matplotlib.artist.setp(obj, *args, file=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Set one or more properties on an Artist, or list allowed values.

objArtist or list of Artist

The artist(s) whose properties are being set or queried. When setting properties, all artists are affected; when querying the allowed values, only the first instance in the sequence is queried.

For example, two lines can be made thicker and red with a single call:

>>> x = arange(0, 1, 0.01)
>>> lines = plot(x, sin(2*pi*x), x, sin(4*pi*x))
>>> setp(lines, linewidth=2, color='r')
filefile-like, default: sys.stdout

Where setp writes its output when asked to list allowed values.

>>> with open('output.log') as file:
...     setp(line, file=file)

The default, None, means sys.stdout.

*args, **kwargs

The properties to set. The following combinations are supported:

  • Set the linestyle of a line to be dashed:

    >>> line, = plot([1, 2, 3])
    >>> setp(line, linestyle='--')
  • Set multiple properties at once:

    >>> setp(line, linewidth=2, color='r')
  • List allowed values for a line's linestyle:

    >>> setp(line, 'linestyle')
    linestyle: {'-', '--', '-.', ':', '', (offset, on-off-seq), ...}
  • List all properties that can be set, and their allowed values:

    >>> setp(line)
    agg_filter: a filter function, ...
    [long output listing omitted]

setp also supports MATLAB style string/value pairs. For example, the following are equivalent:

>>> setp(lines, 'linewidth', 2, 'color', 'r')  # MATLAB style
>>> setp(lines, linewidth=2, color='r')        # Python style

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