This module is considered internal.

Its use is deprecated and it will be removed in a future version.

Routines to adjust subplot params so that subplots are nicely fit in the figure. In doing so, only axis labels, tick labels, axes titles and offsetboxes that are anchored to axes are currently considered.

Internally, this module assumes that the margins (left margin, etc.) which are differences between Axes.get_tightbbox and Axes.bbox are independent of Axes position. This may fail if Axes.adjustable is datalim as well as such cases as when left or right margin are affected by xlabel.

matplotlib._tight_layout.get_subplotspec_list(axes_list, grid_spec=None)[source]#

Return a list of subplotspec from the given list of axes.

For an instance of axes that does not support subplotspec, None is inserted in the list.

If grid_spec is given, None is inserted for those not from the given grid_spec.

matplotlib._tight_layout.get_tight_layout_figure(fig, axes_list, subplotspec_list, renderer, pad=1.08, h_pad=None, w_pad=None, rect=None)[source]#

Return subplot parameters for tight-layouted-figure with specified padding.

axes_listlist of Axes
subplotspec_listlist of SubplotSpec

The subplotspecs of each axes.


Padding between the figure edge and the edges of subplots, as a fraction of the font size.

h_pad, w_padfloat

Padding (height/width) between edges of adjacent subplots. Defaults to pad.

recttuple (left, bottom, right, top), default: None.

rectangle in normalized figure coordinates that the whole subplots area (including labels) will fit into. Defaults to using the entire figure.

subplotspec or None

subplotspec kwargs to be passed to Figure.subplots_adjust or None if tight_layout could not be accomplished.