matplotlib.colors.from_levels_and_colors(levels, colors, extend='neither')[source]#

A helper routine to generate a cmap and a norm instance which behave similar to contourf's levels and colors arguments.

levelssequence of numbers

The quantization levels used to construct the BoundaryNorm. Value v is quantized to level i if lev[i] <= v < lev[i+1].

colorssequence of colors

The fill color to use for each level. If extend is "neither" there must be n_level - 1 colors. For an extend of "min" or "max" add one extra color, and for an extend of "both" add two colors.

extend{'neither', 'min', 'max', 'both'}, optional

The behaviour when a value falls out of range of the given levels. See contourf for details.