A role and directive to display mathtext in Sphinx#


In most cases, you will likely want to use one of Sphinx's builtin Math extensions instead of this one.

Mathtext may be included in two ways:

  1. Inline, using the role:

    This text uses inline math: :mathmpl:`\alpha > \beta`.

    which produces:

    This text uses inline math: .

  2. Standalone, using the directive:

    Here is some standalone math:
    .. mathmpl::
        \alpha > \beta

    which produces:

    Here is some standalone math:


The mathmpl role and directive both support the following options:

fontsetstr, default: 'cm'

The font set to use when displaying math. See rcParams["mathtext.fontset"] (default: 'dejavusans').


The font size, in points. Defaults to the value from the extension configuration option defined below.

Configuration options#

The mathtext extension has the following configuration options:

mathmpl_fontsizefloat, default: 10.0

Default font size, in points.

mathmpl_srcsetlist of str, default: []

Additional image sizes to generate when embedding in HTML, to support responsive resolution images. The list should contain additional x-descriptors ('1.5x', '2x', etc.) to generate (1x is the default and always included.)

class matplotlib.sphinxext.mathmpl.MathDirective(name, arguments, options, content, lineno, content_offset, block_text, state, state_machine)[source]#

The .. mathmpl:: directive, as documented in the module's docstring.

final_argument_whitespace = False#

May the final argument contain whitespace?

has_content = True#

May the directive have content?

option_spec = {'fontset': <function fontset_choice>, 'fontsize': <function _make_type_validator.<locals>.validate_float_or_None>}#

Mapping of option names to validator functions.

optional_arguments = 0#

Number of optional arguments after the required arguments.

required_arguments = 0#

Number of required directive arguments.