Font properties#

This example lists the attributes of an FT2Font object, which describe global font properties. For individual character metrics, use the Glyph object, as returned by load_char.

Num faces:   1
Num glyphs:  5343
Family name: DejaVu Sans
Style name:  Oblique
PS name:     DejaVuSans-Oblique
Num fixed:   0
Bbox:                (-2080, -717, 3398, 2187)
EM:                  2048
Ascender:            1901
Descender:           -483
Height:              2384
Max adv width:       3461
Max adv height:      2384
Underline pos:       -175
Underline thickness: 90
Italic:           True
Bold:             False
Scalable:         True
Fixed sizes:      False
Fixed width:      False
SFNT:             False
Horizontal:       False
Vertical:         False
Kerning:          False
Fast glyphs:      False
Multiple masters: False
Glyph names:      False
External stream:  False

import os

import matplotlib
import matplotlib.ft2font as ft

font = ft.FT2Font(
    # Use a font shipped with Matplotlib.

print('Num faces:  ', font.num_faces)        # number of faces in file
print('Num glyphs: ', font.num_glyphs)       # number of glyphs in the face
print('Family name:', font.family_name)      # face family name
print('Style name: ', font.style_name)       # face style name
print('PS name:    ', font.postscript_name)  # the postscript name
print('Num fixed:  ', font.num_fixed_sizes)  # number of embedded bitmaps

# the following are only available if face.scalable
if font.scalable:
    # the face global bounding box (xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax)
    print('Bbox:               ', font.bbox)
    # number of font units covered by the EM
    print('EM:                 ', font.units_per_EM)
    # the ascender in 26.6 units
    print('Ascender:           ', font.ascender)
    # the descender in 26.6 units
    print('Descender:          ', font.descender)
    # the height in 26.6 units
    print('Height:             ', font.height)
    # maximum horizontal cursor advance
    print('Max adv width:      ', font.max_advance_width)
    # same for vertical layout
    print('Max adv height:     ', font.max_advance_height)
    # vertical position of the underline bar
    print('Underline pos:      ', font.underline_position)
    # vertical thickness of the underline
    print('Underline thickness:', font.underline_thickness)

for style in ('Italic',
              'Fixed sizes',
              'Fixed width',
              'Fast glyphs',
              'Multiple masters',
              'Glyph names',
              'External stream'):
    bitpos = getattr(ft, style.replace(' ', '_').upper()) - 1
    print(f"{style+':':17}", bool(font.style_flags & (1 << bitpos)))

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