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Version 3.0.0
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matplotlib.pyplot.thetagrids(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Get or set the theta gridlines on the current polar plot.

Call signatures:

lines, labels = thetagrids()
lines, labels = thetagrids(angles, labels=None, fmt=None, **kwargs)

When called with no arguments, thetagrids simply returns the tuple (lines, labels). When called with arguments, the labels will appear at the specified angles.

angles : tuple with floats, degrees

The angles of the theta gridlines.

labels : tuple with strings or None

The labels to use at each radial gridline. The projections.polar.ThetaFormatter will be used if None.

fmt : str or None

Format string used in matplotlib.ticker.FormatStrFormatter. For example '%f'. Note that the angle in radians will be used.

lines, labels : list of lines.Line2D, list of text.Text

lines are the theta gridlines and labels are the tick labels.

Other Parameters:

kwargs are optional Text properties for the labels.


# set the locations of the angular gridlines
lines, labels = thetagrids( range(45,360,90) )

# set the locations and labels of the angular gridlines
lines, labels = thetagrids( range(45,360,90), ('NE', 'NW', 'SW','SE') )