Third-party and user-contributed packages

A list of packages that extend Matplotlib. These are maintained and distributed independently from Matplotlib so go to the website listed for instructions.

Please contribute your package by opening a pull-request at using the template in the readme

If you need help making a package, see where we give you a template to make it easy!

You can find more packages at PyPI if package maintainers have added the Framework :: Matplotlib in the classifier list in the file of their package.


animatplot Interactive animated plots.
celluloid Matplotlib animations made easy
gif Ultra lightweight animated gif API.
numpngw Write animated pngs.

Colormaps and styles

CMasher Scientific colormaps for making accessible, informative and 'cmashing' plots
cmocean Perceptually uniform colormaps for oceanographic variables.
cmyt Colormaps from the yt project
dufte Clean matplotlib style
farrowandball Color palettes inspired by British paint manufacturer Farrow and Ball
mplcyberpunk Cyberpunk / neon-glow look for plots.
viscm Tool for analyzing colormaps and creating new colormaps.


sphinx-gallery Create matplotlib galleries for your sphinx-built documentation.

Domain specific libraries

arviz Exploratory analysis of Bayesian models with Python .
astropy Astronomy processing and graphics (including mapping).
colorio Tools for color spaces.
cplot Plot complex-valued functions.
DnaFeaturesViewer Visualize DNA features, e.g. from GenBank or Gff files, or Biopython SeqRecords.
hockey_rink A Python library for plotting hockey rinks with Matplotlib.
mplfinance Utilities for the visual analysis of financial data.
mplhep Set of helpers for matplotlib to more easily produce plots typically needed in high energy physics
mplsoccer Plot soccer/football pitches and charts.
planetMagFields Routines to easily access information about magnetic fields of planets in our solar system and visualize them in both 2D and 3D.
plotnine a grammar of graphics for Python
pyart The Python ARM Radar toolkit, used to analyze and plot weather radar data.
pyplutchik Python visualisation for Plutchik annotated corpora
seaborn High-level interface for drawing attractive statistical graphics.
seaborn-image High-level API for drawing informative and attractive images.
yellowbrick Visual analysis and diagnostic tools to facilitate machine learning model selection.

GUI applications

pylustrator Interactive editor to style plots
PySimpleGUI Create custom GUIs quickly & easily on top of tkinter, Qt, WxPython or Remi
sview-gui PyQt5 GUI for data visualisation of csv file or pandas' DataFrames.


mpl-interactions Interactive widgets for responsive plots.
mpl-point-clicker Record click locations on a figure. Supports multiple classes.
mplcursors Interactive data selection cursors.
mpldatacursor Interactive data selection cursors.
mplinorm Interactive contrast adjustment for Matplotlib images.


cartopy Produce maps and other geospatial data analyses.
geoplot High-level Python geospatial plotting library based on cartopy.
mplstereonet Lower-hemisphere equal-area and equal-angle stereonets.
prettymaps minimal Python library to draw customized maps from OpenStreetMap data.
ridge_map Library for making ridge plots of... ridges.


matplotcheck A package designed to test matplotlib plots

Plot types

blume Alternate table artist.
matplotlib-venn Plotting area-weighted two- and three-circle venn diagrams.
pandas Data analysis and manipulation tool.
py-upset UpSet suite of visualization methods.
windrose Create windrose plots.
xarray Makes multi-dimensional arrays simple, efficient, and fun!
yt Package for analyzing and visualizing volumetric data.

Plotting utilities

adjustText Draw many text artists so that they do not overlap.
brokenaxes Plots with breaks in the axes.
figpager Save plots with single or multiple pages.
flexitext Draw text with multiple styles in Matplotlib
grid-strategy Create a grid of subplots based on the number of axes to be plotted.
highlight_text Make effective annotations easier in matplotlib.
matplotlib-scalebar Display a scale bar.
mpl-probscale Real probability scales for matplotlib.
mpl-template Templating engine for consistent plots.
proplot A lightweight matplotlib wrapper for making beautiful, publication-quality graphics.
skunk Insert SVG images into matplotlib elements. Can be used to also compose matplotlib plots by nesting them.
tikzplotlib Save figures as TikZ/PGFplots

Rendering backends

gr Graphic kernel system backend.
mplcairo Improved backend for cairo.
wxmplot Tighter integration with wxPython.