Thank you for your interest in helping to improve Matplotlib!

There are various ways to contribute: optimizing and refactoring code, detailing unclear documentation and writing new examples, helping the community, reporting and fixing bugs and requesting and implementing new features...

Submit a bug report

We have preloaded the issue creation page with a Markdown form that you can use to provide relevant context. Thank you for your help in keeping bug reports complete, targeted and descriptive.

Report a bug

Request a new feature

We will give feedback on the feature proposal. Since Matplotlib is an open source project with limited resources, we encourage users to then also participate in the implementation.

Request a feature

We welcome you to get more involved with the Matplotlib project! If you are new to contributing, we recommend that you first read our contributing guide. If you are contributing code or documentation, please follow our guides for setting up and managing a development environment and workflow. For code, documentation, or triage, please follow the corresponding contribution guidelines.

New contributors#

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