MEP21: color and cm refactor#


  • Discussion: This MEP has not commenced yet, but here are some ongoing ideas which may become a part of this MEP:

Branches and Pull requests#


  • color

    • tidy up the namespace

    • Define a "Color" class

    • make it easy to convert from one color type to another `hex -> RGB`, `RGB -> hex`, `HSV -> RGB` etc.

    • improve the construction of a colormap - the dictionary approach is archaic and overly complex (though incredibly powerful)

    • make it possible to interpolate between two or more color types in different modes, especially useful for construction of colormaps in HSV space for instance

  • cm

    • rename the module to something more descriptive - mappables?

Overall, there are a lot of improvements that can be made with matplotlib color handling - managing backwards compatibility will be difficult as there are some badly named variables/modules which really shouldn't exist - but a clear path and message for migration should be available, with a large amount of focus on this in the API changes documentation.

Detailed description#


Backward compatibility#