matplotlib.pyplot.triplot(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Draw a unstructured triangular grid as lines and/or markers.

The triangulation to plot can be specified in one of two ways; either:

triplot(triangulation, ...)

where triangulation is a matplotlib.tri.Triangulation object, or

triplot(x, y, ...)
triplot(x, y, triangles, ...)
triplot(x, y, triangles=triangles, ...)
triplot(x, y, mask=mask, ...)
triplot(x, y, triangles, mask=mask, ...)

in which case a Triangulation object will be created. See Triangulation for a explanation of these possibilities.

The remaining args and kwargs are the same as for plot().

Return a list of 2 Line2D containing respectively:

  • the lines plotted for triangles edges
  • the markers plotted for triangles nodes