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Version 3.0.2
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Matplotlib axes_grid1 ToolkitΒΆ

The matplotlib mpl_toolkits.axes_grid1 toolkit is a collection of helper classes to ease displaying multiple images in matplotlib. While the aspect parameter in matplotlib adjust the position of the single axes, axes_grid1 toolkit provides a framework to adjust the position of multiple axes according to their aspects.

See What is axes_grid1 toolkit? for a guide on the usage of axes_grid1.


The submodules of the axes_grid1 API are:

axes_grid1.axes_divider The axes_divider module provides helper classes to adjust the positions of multiple axes at drawing time.
axes_grid1.axes_size provides a classes of simple units that will be used with AxesDivider class (or others) to determine the size of each axes.
axes_grid1.colorbar Colorbar toolkit with two classes and a function:
axes_grid1.inset_locator A collection of functions and objects for creating or placing inset axes.