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The axes_divider module provides helper classes to adjust the positions of multiple axes at drawing time.

Divider: this is the class that is used to calculate the axes
position. It divides the given rectangular area into several sub rectangles. You initialize the divider by setting the horizontal and vertical lists of sizes that the division will be based on. You then use the new_locator method, whose return value is a callable object that can be used to set the axes_locator of the axes.



Deprecated since version 3.0.

AxesDivider(axes[, xref, yref]) Divider based on the pre-existing axes.
AxesLocator(axes_divider, nx, ny[, nx1, ny1]) A simple callable object, initialized with AxesDivider class, returns the position and size of the given cell.
Divider(fig, pos, horizontal, vertical[, ...]) This class calculates the axes position.
HBoxDivider(fig, *args, **kwargs)

Deprecated since version 3.0.


Deprecated since version 3.0.

SubplotDivider(fig, *args[, horizontal, ...]) The Divider class whose rectangle area is specified as a subplot geometry.
VBoxDivider(fig, *args, **kwargs) The Divider class whose rectangle area is specified as a subplot geometry.



Deprecated since version 3.0.

make_axes_area_auto_adjustable(ax[, ...])