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class matplotlib.patches.ConnectionPatch(xyA, xyB, coordsA, coordsB=None, axesA=None, axesB=None, arrowstyle='-', arrow_transmuter=None, connectionstyle='arc3', connector=None, patchA=None, patchB=None, shrinkA=0.0, shrinkB=0.0, mutation_scale=10.0, mutation_aspect=None, clip_on=False, dpi_cor=1.0, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: matplotlib.patches.FancyArrowPatch

A ConnectionPatch class is to make connecting lines between two points (possibly in different axes).

Connect point xyA in coordsA with point xyB in coordsB

Valid keys are

Key Description
arrowstyle the arrow style
connectionstyle the connection style
relpos default is (0.5, 0.5)
patchA default is bounding box of the text
patchB default is None
shrinkA default is 2 points
shrinkB default is 2 points
mutation_scale default is text size (in points)
mutation_aspect default is 1.
? any key for matplotlib.patches.PathPatch

coordsA and coordsB are strings that indicate the coordinates of xyA and xyB.

Property Description
'figure points' points from the lower left corner of the figure
'figure pixels' pixels from the lower left corner of the figure
'figure fraction' 0,0 is lower left of figure and 1,1 is upper, right
'axes points' points from lower left corner of axes
'axes pixels' pixels from lower left corner of axes
'axes fraction' 0,1 is lower left of axes and 1,1 is upper right
'data' use the coordinate system of the object being annotated (default)
'offset points' Specify an offset (in points) from the xy value
'polar' you can specify theta, r for the annotation, even in cartesian plots. Note that if you are using a polar axes, you do not need to specify polar for the coordinate system since that is the native "data" coordinate system.

Draw the Patch to the given renderer.


Return annotation_clip attribute. See set_annotation_clip() for the meaning of return values.


Return the mutated path of the arrow in the display coord


set annotation_clip attribute.

  • True: the annotation will only be drawn when self.xy is inside the
  • False: the annotation will always be drawn regardless of its
  • None: the self.xy will be checked only if xycoords is "data"

Examples using matplotlib.patches.ConnectionPatch