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matplotlib.pyplot is a state-based interface to matplotlib. It provides a MATLAB-like way of plotting.

pyplot is mainly intended for interactive plots and simple cases of programmatic plot generation:

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

x = np.arange(0, 5, 0.1)
y = np.sin(x)
plt.plot(x, y)

The object-oriented API is recommended for more complex plots.


acorr(x[, hold, data]) Plot the autocorrelation of x.
angle_spectrum(x[, Fs, Fc, window, pad_to, ...]) Plot the angle spectrum.
annotate(*args, **kwargs) Annotate the point xy with text s.
arrow(x, y, dx, dy[, hold]) Add an arrow to the axes.
autoscale([enable, axis, tight]) Autoscale the axis view to the data (toggle).
autumn() Set the colormap to "autumn".
axes([arg]) Add an axes to the current figure and make it the current axes.
axhline([y, xmin, xmax, hold]) Add a horizontal line across the axis.
axhspan(ymin, ymax[, xmin, xmax, hold]) Add a horizontal span (rectangle) across the axis.
axis(*v, **kwargs) Convenience method to get or set axis properties.
axvline([x, ymin, ymax, hold]) Add a vertical line across the axes.
axvspan(xmin, xmax[, ymin, ymax, hold]) Add a vertical span (rectangle) across the axes.
bar(*args, **kwargs) Make a bar plot.
barbs(*args, **kw) Plot a 2-D field of barbs.
barh(*args, **kwargs) Make a horizontal bar plot.
bone() Set the colormap to "bone".
box([on]) Turn the axes box on or off on the current axes.
boxplot(x[, notch, sym, vert, whis, ...]) Make a box and whisker plot.
broken_barh(xranges, yrange[, hold, data]) Plot a horizontal sequence of rectangles.
cla() Clear the current axes.
clabel(CS, *args, **kwargs) Label a contour plot.
clf() Clear the current figure.
clim([vmin, vmax]) Set the color limits of the current image.
close(*args) Close a figure window.
cohere(x, y[, NFFT, Fs, Fc, detrend, ...]) Plot the coherence between x and y.
colorbar([mappable, cax, ax]) Add a colorbar to a plot.

Deprecated since version 2.1.

connect(s, func) Connect event with string s to func.
contour(*args, **kwargs) Plot contours.
contourf(*args, **kwargs) Plot contours.
cool() Set the colormap to "cool".
copper() Set the colormap to "copper".
csd(x, y[, NFFT, Fs, Fc, detrend, window, ...]) Plot the cross-spectral density.
delaxes([ax]) Remove the given Axes ax from the current figure.
disconnect(cid) Disconnect callback id cid
draw() Redraw the current figure.
errorbar(x, y[, yerr, xerr, fmt, ecolor, ...]) Plot y versus x as lines and/or markers with attached errorbars.
eventplot(positions[, orientation, ...]) Plot identical parallel lines at the given positions.
figimage(*args, **kwargs) Add a non-resampled image to the figure.
figlegend(*args, **kwargs) Place a legend in the figure.
figtext(*args, **kwargs) Add text to figure.
figure([num, figsize, dpi, facecolor, ...]) Creates a new figure.
fill(*args, **kwargs) Plot filled polygons.
fill_between(x, y1[, y2, where, ...]) Fill the area between two horizontal curves.
fill_betweenx(y, x1[, x2, where, step, ...]) Fill the area between two vertical curves.
findobj([o, match, include_self]) Find artist objects.
flag() Set the colormap to "flag".
gca(**kwargs) Get the current Axes instance on the current figure matching the given keyword args, or create one.
gcf() Get a reference to the current figure.
gci() Get the current colorable artist.
get_figlabels() Return a list of existing figure labels.
get_fignums() Return a list of existing figure numbers.
get_plot_commands() Get a sorted list of all of the plotting commands.
ginput(*args, **kwargs) Blocking call to interact with a figure.
gray() Set the colormap to "gray".
grid([b, which, axis]) Turn the axes grids on or off.
hexbin(x, y[, C, gridsize, bins, xscale, ...]) Make a hexagonal binning plot.
hist(x[, bins, range, density, weights, ...]) Plot a histogram.
hist2d(x, y[, bins, range, normed, weights, ...]) Make a 2D histogram plot.
hlines(y, xmin, xmax[, colors, linestyles, ...]) Plot horizontal lines at each y from xmin to xmax.

Deprecated since version 2.0.

hot() Set the colormap to "hot".
hsv() Set the colormap to "hsv".
imread(*args, **kwargs) Read an image from a file into an array.
imsave(*args, **kwargs) Save an array as in image file.
imshow(X[, cmap, norm, aspect, ...]) Display an image on the axes.
inferno() Set the colormap to "inferno".
install_repl_displayhook() Install a repl display hook so that any stale figure are automatically redrawn when control is returned to the repl.
ioff() Turn interactive mode off.
ion() Turn interactive mode on.

Deprecated since version 2.0.

isinteractive() Return status of interactive mode.
jet() Set the colormap to "jet".
legend(*args, **kwargs) Places a legend on the axes.
locator_params([axis, tight]) Control behavior of tick locators.
loglog(*args, **kwargs) Make a plot with log scaling on both the x and y axis.
magma() Set the colormap to "magma".
magnitude_spectrum(x[, Fs, Fc, window, ...]) Plot the magnitude spectrum.
margins(*args, **kw) Set or retrieve autoscaling margins.
matshow(A[, fignum]) Display an array as a matrix in a new figure window.
minorticks_off() Remove minor ticks from the current plot.
minorticks_on() Display minor ticks on the current plot.
nipy_spectral() Set the colormap to "nipy_spectral".
over(func, *args, **kwargs)

Deprecated since version 2.0.

pause(interval) Pause for interval seconds.
pcolor(*args, **kwargs) Create a pseudocolor plot with a non-regular rectangular grid.
pcolormesh(*args, **kwargs) Create a pseudocolor plot with a non-regular rectangular grid.
phase_spectrum(x[, Fs, Fc, window, pad_to, ...]) Plot the phase spectrum.
pie(x[, explode, labels, colors, autopct, ...]) Plot a pie chart.
pink() Set the colormap to "pink".
plasma() Set the colormap to "plasma".
plot(*args, **kwargs) Plot y versus x as lines and/or markers.
plot_date(x, y[, fmt, tz, xdate, ydate, ...]) Plot data that contains dates.
plotfile(fname[, cols, plotfuncs, comments, ...]) Plot the data in a file.
polar(*args, **kwargs) Make a polar plot.
prism() Set the colormap to "prism".
psd(x[, NFFT, Fs, Fc, detrend, window, ...]) Plot the power spectral density.
quiver(*args, **kw) Plot a 2-D field of arrows.
quiverkey(*args, **kw) Add a key to a quiver plot.
rc(*args, **kwargs) Set the current rc params.
rc_context([rc, fname]) Return a context manager for managing rc settings.
rcdefaults() Restore the rc params from Matplotlib's internal defaults.
rgrids(*args, **kwargs) Get or set the radial gridlines on a polar plot.
savefig(*args, **kwargs) Save the current figure.
sca(ax) Set the current Axes instance to ax.
scatter(x, y[, s, c, marker, cmap, norm, ...]) A scatter plot of y vs x with varying marker size and/or color.
sci(im) Set the current image.
semilogx(*args, **kwargs) Make a plot with log scaling on the x axis.
semilogy(*args, **kwargs) Make a plot with log scaling on the y axis.
set_cmap(cmap) Set the default colormap.
setp(*args, **kwargs) Set a property on an artist object.
show(*args, **kw) Display a figure.
specgram(x[, NFFT, Fs, Fc, detrend, window, ...]) Plot a spectrogram.
spectral() Set the colormap to "spectral".
spring() Set the colormap to "spring".
spy(Z[, precision, marker, markersize, aspect]) Plot the sparsity pattern on a 2-D array.
stackplot(x, *args, **kwargs) Draws a stacked area plot.
stem(*args, **kwargs) Create a stem plot.
step(x, y, *args, **kwargs) Make a step plot.
streamplot(x, y, u, v[, density, linewidth, ...]) Draws streamlines of a vector flow.
subplot(*args, **kwargs) Return a subplot axes at the given grid position.
subplot2grid(shape, loc[, rowspan, colspan, fig]) Create an axis at specific location inside a regular grid.
subplot_tool([targetfig]) Launch a subplot tool window for a figure.
subplots([nrows, ncols, sharex, sharey, ...]) Create a figure and a set of subplots
subplots_adjust(*args, **kwargs) Tune the subplot layout.
summer() Set the colormap to "summer".
suptitle(*args, **kwargs) Add a centered title to the figure.
switch_backend(newbackend) Switch the default backend.
table(**kwargs) Add a table to the current axes.
text(x, y, s[, fontdict, withdash]) Add text to the axes.
thetagrids(*args, **kwargs) Get or set the theta locations of the gridlines in a polar plot.
tick_params([axis]) Change the appearance of ticks, tick labels, and gridlines.
ticklabel_format(**kwargs) Change the ScalarFormatter used by default for linear axes.
tight_layout([pad, h_pad, w_pad, rect]) Automatically adjust subplot parameters to give specified padding.
title(s, *args, **kwargs) Set a title of the current axes.
tricontour(*args, **kwargs) Draw contours on an unstructured triangular grid.
tricontourf(*args, **kwargs) Draw contours on an unstructured triangular grid.
tripcolor(*args, **kwargs) Create a pseudocolor plot of an unstructured triangular grid.
triplot(*args, **kwargs) Draw a unstructured triangular grid as lines and/or markers.
twinx([ax]) Make a second axes that shares the x-axis.
twiny([ax]) Make a second axes that shares the y-axis.
uninstall_repl_displayhook() Uninstalls the matplotlib display hook.
violinplot(dataset[, positions, vert, ...]) Make a violin plot.
viridis() Set the colormap to "viridis".
vlines(x, ymin, ymax[, colors, linestyles, ...]) Plot vertical lines.
waitforbuttonpress(*args, **kwargs) Blocking call to interact with the figure.
winter() Set the colormap to "winter".
xcorr(x, y[, normed, detrend, usevlines, ...]) Plot the cross correlation between x and y.
xkcd([scale, length, randomness]) Turns on xkcd sketch-style drawing mode.This will only have effect on things drawn after this function is called..
xlabel(s, *args, **kwargs) Set the x-axis label of the current axes.
xlim(*args, **kwargs) Get or set the x limits of the current axes.
xscale(*args, **kwargs) Set the scaling of the x-axis.
xticks(*args, **kwargs) Get or set the current tick locations and labels of the x-axis.
ylabel(s, *args, **kwargs) Set the y-axis label of the current axes.
ylim(*args, **kwargs) Get or set the y-limits of the current axes.
yscale(*args, **kwargs) Set the scaling of the y-axis.
yticks(*args, **kwargs) Get or set the current tick locations and labels of the y-axis.