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Axes.fill_betweenx(y, x1, x2=0, where=None, step=None, **kwargs)

Make filled polygons between two horizontal curves.

Create a PolyCollection filling the regions between x1 and x2 where where==True


y : array

An N-length array of the y data

x1 : array

An N-length array (or scalar) of the x data

x2 : array, optional

An N-length array (or scalar) of the x data

where : array, optional

If None, default to fill between everywhere. If not None, it is a N length numpy boolean array and the fill will only happen over the regions where where==True

step : {‘pre’, ‘post’, ‘mid’}, optional

If not None, fill with step logic.

See also

In addition to the above described arguments, this function can take a data keyword argument. If such a data argument is given, the following arguments are replaced by data[<arg>]: * All arguments with the following names: ‘where’, ‘x1’, ‘x2’, ‘y’.


keyword args passed on to the

kwargs control the Polygon properties:

Property Description
agg_filter unknown
alpha float or None
animated [True | False]
antialiased or antialiaseds Boolean or sequence of booleans
array unknown
axes an Axes instance
clim a length 2 sequence of floats
clip_box a matplotlib.transforms.Bbox instance
clip_on [True | False]
clip_path [ (Path, Transform) | Patch | None ]
cmap a colormap or registered colormap name
color matplotlib color arg or sequence of rgba tuples
contains a callable function
edgecolor or edgecolors matplotlib color spec or sequence of specs
facecolor or facecolors matplotlib color spec or sequence of specs
figure a matplotlib.figure.Figure instance
gid an id string
hatch [ ‘/’ | ‘\’ | ‘|’ | ‘-‘ | ‘+’ | ‘x’ | ‘o’ | ‘O’ | ‘.’ | ‘*’ ]
label string or anything printable with ‘%s’ conversion.
linestyle or dashes or linestyles [‘solid’ | ‘dashed’, ‘dashdot’, ‘dotted’ | (offset, on-off-dash-seq) | '-' | '--' | '-.' | ':' | 'None' | ' ' | '']
linewidth or linewidths or lw float or sequence of floats
norm unknown
offset_position unknown
offsets float or sequence of floats
path_effects unknown
picker [None|float|boolean|callable]
pickradius unknown
rasterized [True | False | None]
sketch_params unknown
snap unknown
transform Transform instance
url a url string
urls unknown
visible [True | False]
zorder any number


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