Offer commit rights#

This is a template for writing emails to invite people to join the organization.

This should be sent out concurrently with the invitation.

CC the streeing council.

Subject: Matplotlib commit rights


We would like to invite you to join the Matplotlib organization on github with
commit rights to the main Matplotlib repository! (you should have the GH emails
in your inbox).

Please see https://matplotlib.org/devel/coding_guide.html#detailed-guidelines
and remember to be kind during your reviews.

In addition to the discussions on GitHub we have weekly open developer calls
that you are invited to join (links below) on Thurdays at <MEETING TIME> UTC
<(their timezone if you know it)>.

If you accept, welcome (formally) to the team!

YOUR NAME (on behalf of the SC)

Agendas: https://hackmd.io/@matplotlib
zoom: https://zoom.us/j/384435716?pwd=WFpxVWxoYXArTDFzN1lWaHNoOE8xZz09

Announce new committer#

In “Announcements” section of discourse

Welcome <name> to the Matplotlib organization

We are happy to announce that <name/@on discourse> (<link to GH profile>) has accepted an invitation to
join the Matplotlib organization as a committer to core repository!

New Steering Council Members#

When a new member joins the steering council, the following things are done:

  • Announce the new member on the Matplotlib-Announce mailing list

  • Make the new member an org owner for Matplotlib Github organization

  • Add the new member to the list in the governance repo, and if appropriate, add their affiliation to the institutional partner list (https://github.com/matplotlib/governance/blob/master/people.md)

  • Add the new member to the list of steering council members on the website