View current appearance settings for ticks, tick labels, and gridlines#

The new get_tick_params method can be used to retrieve the appearance settings that will be applied to any additional ticks, tick labels, and gridlines added to the plot:

>>> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

>>> fig, ax = plt.subplots()
>>> ax.yaxis.set_tick_params(labelsize=30, labelcolor='red',
...                          direction='out', which='major')
>>> ax.yaxis.get_tick_params(which='major')
{'direction': 'out',
'left': True,
'right': False,
'labelleft': True,
'labelright': False,
'gridOn': False,
'labelsize': 30,
'labelcolor': 'red'}
>>> ax.yaxis.get_tick_params(which='minor')
{'left': True,
'right': False,
'labelleft': True,
'labelright': False,
'gridOn': False}