Connection styles for annotationsΒΆ

When creating an annotation using annotate, the arrow shape can be controlled via the connectionstyle parameter of arrowprops. For further details see the description of FancyArrowPatch.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def demo_con_style(ax, connectionstyle):
    x1, y1 = 0.3, 0.2
    x2, y2 = 0.8, 0.6

    ax.plot([x1, x2], [y1, y2], ".")
                xy=(x1, y1), xycoords='data',
                xytext=(x2, y2), textcoords='data',
                arrowprops=dict(arrowstyle="->", color="0.5",
                                shrinkA=5, shrinkB=5,
                                patchA=None, patchB=None,

    ax.text(.05, .95, connectionstyle.replace(",", ",\n"),
            transform=ax.transAxes, ha="left", va="top")

fig, axs = plt.subplots(3, 5, figsize=(8, 4.8))
demo_con_style(axs[0, 0], "angle3,angleA=90,angleB=0")
demo_con_style(axs[1, 0], "angle3,angleA=0,angleB=90")
demo_con_style(axs[0, 1], "arc3,rad=0.")
demo_con_style(axs[1, 1], "arc3,rad=0.3")
demo_con_style(axs[2, 1], "arc3,rad=-0.3")
demo_con_style(axs[0, 2], "angle,angleA=-90,angleB=180,rad=0")
demo_con_style(axs[1, 2], "angle,angleA=-90,angleB=180,rad=5")
demo_con_style(axs[2, 2], "angle,angleA=-90,angleB=10,rad=5")
demo_con_style(axs[0, 3], "arc,angleA=-90,angleB=0,armA=30,armB=30,rad=0")
demo_con_style(axs[1, 3], "arc,angleA=-90,angleB=0,armA=30,armB=30,rad=5")
demo_con_style(axs[2, 3], "arc,angleA=-90,angleB=0,armA=0,armB=40,rad=0")
demo_con_style(axs[0, 4], "bar,fraction=0.3")
demo_con_style(axs[1, 4], "bar,fraction=-0.3")
demo_con_style(axs[2, 4], "bar,angle=180,fraction=-0.2")

for ax in axs.flat:
    ax.set(xlim=(0, 1), ylim=(0, 1), xticks=[], yticks=[], aspect=1)
connectionstyle demo


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