Interactive cursor details#

Setting a mouse cursor on a window has been moved from the toolbar to the canvas. Consequently, several implementation details on toolbars and within backends have been removed.

backend_tools.SetCursorBase and subclasses#

backend_tools.SetCursorBase was subclassed to provide backend-specific implementations of set_cursor. As that is now removed, the subclassing is no longer necessary. Consequently, the following subclasses are also removed:

  • matplotlib.backends.backend_gtk3.SetCursorGTK3

  • matplotlib.backends.backend_qt5.SetCursorQt

  • matplotlib.backends._backend_tk.SetCursorTk

  • matplotlib.backends.backend_wx.SetCursorWx

Instead, use the backend_tools.ToolSetCursor class.

cursord in GTK and wx backends#

The backend_gtk3.cursord and backend_wx.cursord dictionaries are removed. This makes the GTK module importable on headless environments.