Get/set window title methods have been removed from the canvas#

Use the corresponding methods on the FigureManager if using pyplot, or GUI-specific methods if embedding.

ContourLabeler.get_label_coords() has been removed#

There is no replacement, it was considered an internal helper.

The return_all keyword argument has been removed from gridspec.get_position()#

The minimum_descent has been removed from TextArea#

The minimum_descent is now effectively always True.

Extra parameters to Axes constructor#

Parameters of the Axes constructor other than fig and rect are now keyword only.

sphinext.plot_directive.align has been removed#

Use docutils.parsers.rst.directives.images.Image.align instead.

imread() no longer accepts URLs#

Passing a URL to imread() has been removed. Please open the URL for reading and directly use the Pillow API (, or instead.

Deprecated properties of widgets have been removed#

These include cids, cnt, observers, change_observers, and submit_observers.

Removal of methods and properties of Subplot#

These include get_geometry(), change_geometry(), figbox, numRows, numCols, update_params(), is_first_row(), is_first_col(), is_last_row(), is_last_col(). The subplotspec contains this information and can be used to replace these methods and properties.