Removal of deprecations in backends#

The parameter resize_callback is removed from the Tk backend. Instead, use get_tk_widget().bind('<Configure>', ..., True).

The get_content_extents() and tostring_rgba_minimized() methods are removed from the Agg backend with no replacements.

The parameter dpi is removed from print_ps() in the PS backend and print_pdf() in the PDF backend. Instead, the methods obtain the DPI from the savefig machinery.

The classes TmpDirCleaner and GraphicsContextPS are removed from the PGF and PS backends, respectively. For the latter, GraphicsContextBase can be used as a replacement.

In the WX backend, the property IDLE_DELAY is removed. In addition, the parameter origin of gui_repaint() is removed, as well as the method get_canvas(). No replacements are provided.