Removal of deprecated mathtext APIs#

The following matplotlib.mathtext APIs have been removed:

  • Fonts and all its subclasses,

  • FontConstantsBase and all its subclasses,

  • Node and all its subclasses,

  • Ship, ship,

  • Error,

  • Parser,



  • latex_to_bakoma, latex_to_cmex, latex_to_standard,

  • stix_virtual_fonts,

  • tex2uni

Removal of various mathtext helpers#

The following matplotlib.mathtext classes:

  • MathtextBackendPdf,

  • MathtextBackendPs,

  • MathtextBackendSvg,

  • MathtextBackendCairo,

and the .mathtext_parser attributes on

have been removed. The MathtextBackendPath class can be used instead.

The methods get_depth, parse, to_mask, to_rgba, and to_png of MathTextParser have been removed. Use mathtext.math_to_image instead.

The unused StandardPsFonts.pswriter has been removed.

ps.useafm removed for mathtext#

The setting rcParams["ps.useafm"] (default: False) no longer has any effect on matplotlib.mathtext.