The TTFPATH and AFMPATH environment variables

Support for the (undocumented) TTFPATH and AFMPATH environment variables has been removed. Register additional fonts using matplotlib.font_manager.fontManager.addfont().

mathtext Glue classes

The following have been removed from matplotlib.mathtext:

  • copy parameter of mathtext.Glue

  • mathtext.Glue.glue_subtype

  • mathtext.GlueSpec

  • Fil, Fill, Filll, NegFil, NegFill, NegFilll, and SsGlue; directly construct glue instances with Glue("fil"), etc.

ismath parameter of draw_tex

The ismath parameter of the draw_tex method of all renderer classes has been removed (as a call to draw_tex -- not to be confused with draw_text! -- means that the entire string should be passed to the usetex machinery anyways). Likewise, the text machinery will no longer pass the ismath parameter when calling draw_tex (this should only matter for backend implementers).

Passing ismath="TeX!" to RendererAgg.get_text_width_height_descent is no longer supported; pass ismath="TeX" instead,