class mpl_toolkits.axes_grid1.anchored_artists.AnchoredAuxTransformBox(transform, loc, pad=0.4, borderpad=0.5, prop=None, frameon=True, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: matplotlib.offsetbox.AnchoredOffsetbox

An anchored container with transformed coordinates.

Artists added to the drawing_area are scaled according to the coordinates of the transformation used. The dimensions of this artist will scale to contain the artists added.


The transformation object for the coordinate system in use, i.e., matplotlib.axes.Axes.transData.


Location of this artist. Valid locations are 'upper left', 'upper center', 'upper right', 'center left', 'center', 'center right', 'lower left', 'lower center, 'lower right'. For backward compatibility, numeric values are accepted as well. See the parameter loc of Legend for details.

padfloat, default: 0.4

Padding around the child objects, in fraction of the font size.

borderpadfloat, default: 0.5

Border padding, in fraction of the font size.

propmatplotlib.font_manager.FontProperties, optional

Font property used as a reference for paddings.

frameonbool, default: True

If True, draw a box around this artists.


Keyword arguments forwarded to AnchoredOffsetbox.


To display an ellipse in the upper left, with a width of 0.1 and height of 0.4 in data coordinates:

>>> box = AnchoredAuxTransformBox(ax.transData, loc='upper left')
>>> el = Ellipse((0, 0), width=0.1, height=0.4, angle=30)
>>> box.drawing_area.add_artist(el)
>>> ax.add_artist(box)

A container for artists to display.

Examples using mpl_toolkits.axes_grid1.anchored_artists.AnchoredAuxTransformBox