matplotlib.pyplot.subplot2grid(shape, loc, rowspan=1, colspan=1, fig=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Create a subplot at a specific location inside a regular grid.

shape(int, int)

Number of rows and of columns of the grid in which to place axis.

loc(int, int)

Row number and column number of the axis location within the grid.

rowspanint, default: 1

Number of rows for the axis to span downwards.

colspanint, default: 1

Number of columns for the axis to span to the right.

figFigure, optional

Figure to place the subplot in. Defaults to the current figure.


Additional keyword arguments are handed to add_subplot.


The Axes of the subplot. The returned Axes can actually be an instance of a subclass, such as projections.polar.PolarAxes for polar projections.


The following call

ax = subplot2grid((nrows, ncols), (row, col), rowspan, colspan)

is identical to

fig = gcf()
gs = fig.add_gridspec(nrows, ncols)
ax = fig.add_subplot(gs[row:row+rowspan, col:col+colspan])

Examples using matplotlib.pyplot.subplot2grid#

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subplot2grid demo

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