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Version 3.1.0.post1496+gb03370a04
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matplotlib.pyplot.locator_params(axis='both', tight=None, **kwargs)[source]

Control behavior of major tick locators.

Because the locator is involved in autoscaling, autoscale_view is called automatically after the parameters are changed.

axis : {'both', 'x', 'y'}, optional

The axis on which to operate.

tight : bool or None, optional

Parameter passed to autoscale_view. Default is None, for no change.

Other Parameters:

Remaining keyword arguments are passed to directly to the set_params() method of the locator. Supported keywords depend on the type of the locator. See for example set_params for the ticker.MaxNLocator used by default for linear axes.


When plotting small subplots, one might want to reduce the maximum number of ticks and use tight bounds, for example:

ax.locator_params(tight=True, nbins=4)