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Version 2.2.2.post1695+gedd053d16
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class matplotlib.gridspec.SubplotSpec(gridspec, num1, num2=None)[source]

Specifies the location of the subplot in the given GridSpec.

The subplot will occupy the num1-th cell of the given gridspec. If num2 is provided, the subplot will span between num1-th cell and num2-th cell.

The index starts from 0.


Get the subplot geometry (n_rows, n_cols, start, stop).

start and stop are the index of the start and stop of the subplot.

get_position(figure, return_all=False)[source]

Update the subplot position from figure.subplotpars.


Get the subplot row and column numbers: (n_rows, n_cols, row_start, row_stop, col_start, col_stop)


get the topmost SubplotSpec instance associated with the subplot